VIP Membership Card

1. VIP points will be rewarded according to the amount that customer spend on each dry clean service.

2. VIP points can be used as a discount off your bill, which means our service could be free of charge!

3. The starting price of our Membership card is $3, which will be added to your card as 30 VIP points.

4. $1 = 1 VIP point.

5. 10 VIP points off your card = $1 discount.

6. Please ask our staff for more information.

*Applied Conditions

--VIP Points and VIP cards are NOT refundable.

--Discount only available when you collect more than 100 points.

--Discount NOT available with any other coupon or special events.

On Going Specials

-- Luxury Laundry Service for 5 Business Shirts Only $14.00

-- Beautiful Bag Wash, Dry and Fold Service Only $8.00

-- 20% Off for All Dry Cleaning Garments (conditions apply)

Shop Address

11-13 Green St, Maroubra, NSW 2035