Wedding Dress

We provide delicate service to your wedding dress! Try and refresh it now!

Fur, Suede, Leather and Formal Wears Dry Cleaning

We offer great services on all range of formal wears such as suit, dress, evening gown, etc.

Repairs and Alterations

Need alteration and repair? Don't worry, we provide wonderful services to solve your troubles for you.

Water Proofing

Want to water proof your wears? Come to us and we will do a great job for you!


Too busy to drop your garments here? Try our daily delivery service now.

Laundry Service

For a surprise, she will really enjoy! Just drop your laundry here!

Shirt Service

Try our deluxe business shirt service here, it is your comfortable liftstyle.

Free Minor Repairs

According to the repair difficulty, we may offer you a free repairment!

On Going Specials

-- Luxury Laundry Service for 5 Business Shirts Only $14.00

-- Beautiful Bag Wash, Dry and Fold Service Only $8.00

-- 20% Off for All Dry Cleaning Garments (conditions apply)

Shop Address

11-13 Green St, Maroubra, NSW 2035